Battle of the Fiery Beast V: The Lilliputians Strike Back – August 29th, 2015

Battle of the Fiery Beast V: The Lilliputians Strike Back Event date: August 29th, 2015
Hosted by Shire of Coill Tuar – Gardiner, NY Event Last Modified: September 2nd, 2015
Event details
Battle of the Fiery Beast I:  (Unnamed), in the haze of memory…  Dark Lawd Smokey ruled the lands with an iron fist, controlling the Fiery Beast and causing the Lilliputians to scramble and hide from the Menace, his Phantom control.  (See what we did there? Phantom…  Menace…?)

Battle of the Fiery Beast II:  Attack of the Lilliputians, was won by the forces of Grand Daddy Boo, dethroning the Dark Lawd Smokey and causing his forces to flee the lands of Lilliput!  The Fiery Beast was tasty!

Battle of the Fiery Beast III:  The Fall of Lilliput, showed that Dark Lawd Smokey would not remain vanquished, unleashing his mini-might against the remaining Lilliputians of Coill Tuar, waking the children of the Fiery Beast!  His attempt however was thwarted, though the lands of Lilliput fell to ruins, he did not regain control!

Battle of the Fiery Beast IV:  A New Mini Menace, brought about a change in the tide of the conflict.  Brunhelga has emerged as the antagonist now, replacing Dark Lawd Smokey who has not been seen since.  Grand Daddy Boo fought valiantly, yet failed to gain control once and for all…

Which brings us to Battle of the Fiery Beast V:  The Lilliputians Strike Back!  *** NEW LOCATION ***

Grand Daddy Boo has spent the year in exile, searching the lands for the remaining Lilliputians to gather at a rally point in Coill Tuar in order to perform a last ditch effort to take on the mini-forces of Brunhelga Smokey and finish the Fiery Beast once and for all!

o Choose your side – Points earned during the day will go towards the victor, and you get to decide who that is between either Grand Daddy Boo, or Brunhelga Smokey!
o Thrown Weapons – Including Royal Rounds!  Bring your sharp and pointies for fun and merriment!!  (TBD)
o Heavy Weapons Lists – (TBD)
o Rapier List run by Lady Aesa Sturludottir
o Youth Combat List run by Lady Eikaterine of Angelspur!
o Rapier, Youth and possibly Heavy – Viking Not-So-Longship Battles!
o Castle Siege (But it’s only a model..  Shhh!) with Weapons of Mini-Destruction!
o A Beast Based Dayboard roasted over the open flame!
o The Fire Sale Swap!  Bring your gently, yet seldom used, garb, utensils and armor to trade!
o Mini boat races!  Of course – Choose the side you want to race for!
o Catapult construction contest.
o EVEN More Activities for the young Lords and Ladies!

Also throughout the day:
o Display your talents on our A&S table!  The theme for our A&S challenge is “Small Art” — items that measure less than 4″ in height, length, and depth.  (Art for Lilliputians!) Also feel free to bring items that don’t quite fit into this category, for display.
o Shower us with song!
o Make merry with music!
o And much much more for everyone to enjoy!

If you’ve been to our previous Yule Feast or Fiery Beast events you know we try and make sure that there are enough activities to keep our young Lords and Ladies busy for the entire day, and this time is no different.  Our plan is always to create a safe and fun environment for our SCA families.
Site Opens: 11 AM
Site Closes: 9 PM

Event Location
Majestic Memorial Park ***NEW LOCATION***
Murphy Lane
Gardiner, NY  12525
Google Map
Take your best route to Exit 18 on the NYS Thruway.  Turn Left onto Route 299 and travel into New Paltz.
Turn Left onto Route 32 South and travel until the intersection of Route 44/55.  Turn Right onto 44/55 and follow * below>

* From town hall (The East), take Main Street (Route US44-NY55) west approximately 500 feet passed the Gardiner Reformed Church to the Gardiner Animal Hospital, turn left (south) on Murphy Lane, go approximately 1,000 feet to the park gate, turn left into the parking lot.

From Minnewaska (The West), Benton Corners, Ganahgote, take Route US44-NY55 east across the Wallkill River bridge toward the hamlet of Gardiner, go up a steep hill into the hamlet, at the top of the hill turn right (south) on Murphy Lane, go approximately 1,000 feet to the park gate, turn left into the parking lot.

Registration Fees
Registration: Adult (17+):  $20.00 *
Children (0-16):  Free **
Family Cap (2 Adults and 3+ Children):  $45.00

* Proof of Membership Discount:  Please subtract $5.00 from the above price.
Includes All Day Rotating Dayboard.
** With accompanying Adult paid fee.  Additional Children will be $5.00 each with pre-filled Consent Waiver if not the parent.Feast: There is no additional fee for the all-day rotating dayboard.  There is no evening feast.

Our Head Chef will perform their magic to make the food so delicious you’ll talk about it until Battle of the Fiery Beast VI!

NOTE:  If you have any special dietary needs please contact our Autocrat and she will relay it to our Head Chef.

Make Checks Payable to: Society for Creative Anachronism – New York

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Lady Gillian de Whittemere
mka J.Robin Ward
(845) 255-9947 No calls after 9pm please.
exchequer@coilltuar.eastkingdom.orgSend Reservations to:
Lord Lorenz Greylever
mka Matthew A.  Stopard
5 Jackman St PVT
Highland, NY 12528

Other Contact Information:
There will be merchant and exhibition space available for anyone paying site fee.  Please contact our Event Steward to sign up for space availability.  Merchants should plan on providing their own tables unless table availability is confirmed by the Event Steward.

Accessibility Notice:  Terrain outside is a slight slope downhill and gravel parking.  Please let the Event Steward know if you require Accessibility Parking for proper arrangements to be made.