Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to get started in the SCA?
Find out about an event in your area.
You can check for area events at the East Kingdom Website.

What to do?
Most people who are not familiar with the way the SCA works is lost on how to start. It is actually, really easy to do.
Go to a local meeting, event, or practice and introduce yourself.
Walk up and say, hello, my name is… and I’m a Newbie.  Can you tell me what’s going on?
The SCA is an open society, and anyone can participate.  You just need to be polite and patient.  If you hang back and remain a wallflower, people will respect your wishes to be left alone and you’ll find that it is difficult to learn anything.

What to Wear?
Participants are asked to make an attempt at some sort of medieval costume or garb. Purchased, borrowed or hand made is fine. Your local Chatelaine is a good reference for loaner gear.  You can always put together a simple Tabard, by getting a swath of cloth, something non-shiny and not neon colored, cut a hole in the center big enough for your head and draping the thing over your head. Tie a belt around it.  Wear non-blue jean pants. This should get you long enough until you can see what you like and either make or purchase it. There are many folks who will help you with both.

Our society uses various colored belts and baldrics that have special meaning and should be respected:
A White belt with spurs and a chain is a Knight.
A White baldric ( with or with out spurs and a chain) is a master.
A Red belt or baldric is the mark of a squire this is to designate they are learning under a knight.
A Blue belt or baldric is the mark of a man at arms this is to designate they are learning under a squire.
A Yellow belt or baldric is the mark of a protege this is to designate they are learning under a Pelican.
A Green belt or baldric is the mark of an apprentice this is to designate they are learning under a Laurel.

Can I wear a Crown?
Crowns are reserved for Royalty, Barons and Baronesses, Counts and Countesses, Dukes and Duchesses, Viscounts and Viscountesses. These and other titles like Lady and Lord are awards that have been earned and giving the individuals who participate in the SCA.

Making the dream happen, How does the SCA work?

The members of the SCA are the ones to make the SCA happen.  Unlike Renaissance Fairs who put on shows for a paying public, members of the SCA live and experience history, minus plagues and famines.   If you can dedicate a little time, you can give back to the SCA as an officer.

Other Websites of Interest

The SCA Demo website External Link has a lot of details on it.