Seneschal (Local branch President)

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      The Seneschal is the legal representative of a branch. They would be known as the President of the local chapter for other organizations. Seneschals sign all contracts, make sure that things are done pursuant to the restrictions of all modern laws, corpora and kingdom law, work with the chatelaines to handle all public relations, and normally conduct the business meetings.

The following are Yahoo! Groups that are similar in interests for this Office.

Central Region Seneschal

This is a group to promote and increase the communication among the seneschals of the groups of the Central Region of the East Kingdom. Let’s converse, share information and get to know each other better and work together more.
This is not an official newsgroup and does not delineate SCA policies.
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East Kingdom Seneschals

A forum for discussion among present & past seneschals of the East Kingdom, SCA, Inc.

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This is a mailing list for seneschals in the SCA current,past or aspiring seneschals a medium to exchange ideas ask questions

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Sanctuary St. Dymphna

We are a group of SCAdians living with mental illness/emotional/neurological disorders. This group provides a place to connect with other SCAdians like us so that we might form online supports for each other.

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