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      The Chronicler edits and publishes our periodical “Collected Tales”. Email your stories, articles, photos, artwork and other submissions to the Chronicler.

List of Warranted Chroniclers Link

The William Blackfox Awards

Nominated for Best Article A.S. 36:

Collected Tales, Shire of Coill Tuar (East), Chronicler: Lady Johanna le Mercer. Article: Ailionora Fuller by Lady Ailionora. External Link

Nominated for Best Poetry or Short Fiction A.S. 39:

“A Knight’s Tale,” Lady Alayne Alexandra Nyvern, Nightwatcher, Collected Tales, Shires of Coill Tuar and Nordenhall. External Link

Similar to the Chronicler, the Scribe is a person with artistic talent in the area of calligraphy and/or illumination, who gives of their time and talent to create award scrolls for recipients of armigerous awards. At shire level, they are similar to a secretary who takes and maintains the minutes of business meetings.

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