Shire Fellowships

Under the By Laws of the Shire of Coill Tuar Article X Shire Awards , having been duly ratified and approved by the populace during normal practice of the Shire, the following Fellowships have been created to be able to recognize the local activities of those who make the Shire a place to enjoy.

Fellowship of the Sturdy Oak

Premier – THL Sorcha de Barry 2015

Fellowship of the Roasted Acorn

Premier – Lady Fenice d’Aix 2015

Fellowship of the Tangled Antlers

Premier – Lady Gillian de Whittemere 2015

Fellowship of the Dancing Stag

Premier – Master William the Alchemist 2015

Fellowship of the Sturdy Sapling

Premiers – Ursalina 2015 & Rocko 2015

Please choose the link below for the individual Fellowship and to nominate someone for the Fellowship!