I hope the day is finding you all well.

When we vote officers in, it is the job of the Seneschal to listen to their council, discuss with the populace and move forward toward a decision that best meets the needs of the populace.

This year we voted in Willow as our Chattelaine, and she’s been doing a fantastic job. When she first started in her position I asked her to come to me with her ideas of how to grow the Shire and I would listen and assist at any opportunity.

This past week we sat down and the topic of how to best grow the shire and support our populace came up and here was one of her observations:

1. We need to meet more.
2. We need to do more when we meet,

This is from feedback she’s gotten when recruiting newcomers.

My first reaction was…well no. We have a few issues with this:

1. We don’t have a place to meet.
2. I can’t get people to come to once a month on a consistent basis as it is.
3. Best day for many of our populace is Friday. I’m not sure I want to give up every Friday.

Then I thought about it.

1. We have the place for once a month we can use for Youth Combat and Business Meetings.
2. We have a makers place we can request in Highland for once a month (Jacqui Burke would you mind working together to get us into a regular rotation please.) This meeting appears to be best suited for Saturdays However.
3. While it goes against my hard fast rule of having a meeting at someone’s house tends to turn away membership, I can open up my home once a month for Archery and Thrown Weapons or Fencing. The new house is set up for that as well as A&S.
4. I need to find a space in Newburgh or Poughkeepsie (potentially) anyway sooooo…I’m thinking about reaching out to the Poughkeepsie Barnes and Noble and seeing if we can meet upstairs, or in Newburgh.
5. Who am I kidding, it’s not like I have a real social life anyway….

I’m open to other options here, just remember it has to be free or we’re going to have to charge a monthly fee for use of the facilities.

So, I’m putting forth to all of you, the populace, that starting September 1, 2018, should we start having at least three meetings per month?

Please put up your thoughts on this, or IM me privately. I will be presenting this for Vote at our next meeting with any discussion points you would like to add.

Also, we will need to have some organizational meetings in August for Fiery Beast to get together favors etc, please let me know what dates work best for you.

Thank you all for your patience in reading this rather long winded missive, I look forward to hearing from you all.

Please note, if you are currently Frosted Hills and would like to provide input, please feel free, we welcome any of your thoughts on this matter.

Sorcha deBarry